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Here’s what you need to know on measured building surveys…

Before starting any construction project, it is crucial to perform a comprehensive survey to ensure the proposed project is not only built correctly, but the construction process also proceeds without interruption. Usually, a measured building survey is the foundation of any design process because it helps avoid problems that may be encountered at the later stages of a construction process. In the light of this, you need to understand everything about a measured building survey and why it is crucial for any construction and building project.

What is a Measured Building Survey?

A measured building survey is an accurate and detailed representation of a building, showcasing all the structural elements and architectural features of the building. You require a measured building survey if you are planning to completely redevelop your home. The survey will help at every stage of a renovation or extension, especially when it comes to planning new layouts, rooms sizes and when ordering materials.

Earlier measured building surveys have traditionally been done using pencil and paper, but modern technology implies that they can be completed with ease and an even greater degree of accuracy. Measured surveys can be represented in many forms, ranging from basic floor plans and drawings to accurate 3D models, depending on the scale of your project and requirements.

When do you need Measured Building Surveys?

Measured building surveys are required for redevelopment of a property or when you need to extend it. The survey is also useful for home owners who need detailed information for designing the safety plan. Since it covers the internal floor plans, internal and external elevations, and also building cross sections (optionally), it enables home owners to get the complete record of the property. When this survey report is linked to the topographic survey, it becomes comprehensive and useful.

What deliverables will you receive from a Measured Building Survey?

Receive different types of as-built drawings from our measured building surveys, such as:

  • Floor plans
  • Internal and external elevations
  • Sections
  • Site plans
  • Roof plans
  • Reflecting ceiling plans

In addition, receive 3D models with your required level of detail

Why choose the Oxford Measured Survey?

At Oxford Measured Survey, we complete your measured building surveys according to your specifications and requirements using the latest 3D laser scanning technology. Through our modern 3D laser scanners, we guarantee highly accurate and precise deliverables.

Our specialist surveying team consists of qualified surveyors, engineers and technicians. Oxford’s professionals leverage on advanced surveying equipment alongside their experience to deliver secure services for sensitive environments and construction sites for light instrument setup and safe operations. Receive information on structural elements and features, including walls, beams, windows, fitting, floor levels, doors, heights and more, through extensive and accurate measured building surveys across Oxford.

If you are looking for a trusted measured building surveyor in Oxford for efficient as-built drawings and 3D models, then look no further! Contact us today and book in your service.


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