Topographical Survey Service

Topographical Survey Services

Find as-built 2D plans indicating all-natural features and manmade features with levels through topographical surveying by Oxford Measured Survey. With the latest technology such as Total stations, GPS and 3D Laser scanners, we complete comprehensive topographical surveys for your project!

Why topographical surveys?

Confident Developing

Start developing your project with extra confidence through our leading tools and latest software in Oxford.

Better Management

Find working on your project better to manage and track with our complete and accurate topographical 2D plans and drawings.

Cost-effective Solutions

Find a service which will save you money in the long term as you receive accurate measurements from the very beginning.

Minimal error

We create detailed topographical surveys in Oxford, which removes all chances of human error and first problems in the early stages.

Oxford Measured Surveys & 3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D Laser scanning services allow you to receive the best options for your building and site project. If you need a full as-built 2D drawings of your land and site, our topographical survey is the ideal solution for the management of your project.

Why trust in Oxford Measured Survey?

We will deliver the exact information received from a topographical survey and produce 2D AutoCAD Drawings and 3D BIM Models, no matter the area restrictions or complexity of the site. Allow exceptional building development and project management through incredible precision and diminishing any critical errors.


Straightforward Topographical Surveys

Contact Oxford Measured Survey today and book a complete and comprehensive topographical survey to produce your as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings and produce 3D BIM Revit Models.