3D BIM Model Service

As-built 3D BIM Models

We deliver as-built 3D BIM Models to track your buildings progression and optimise its performance. Oxford Measured Survey is here to provide reliable 3D BIM Models through Revit Software and make your project easier to manage!

What do we provide?

Detailed Models

Our 3D BIM Models are created with the utmost precision and detail to improve and optimise the performance of your building project.

Prompt Services

We will deliver 3D BIM Models as efficiently and promptly as possible to make sure you get going with your building project.

Best Prices

Be ensured that we offer the best prices in Oxford, not minimising the quality of the 3D BIM Models created through Revit Software.

Professional Team

Our professional team has over 5 years of experience in Laser scanning services and surveying, providing you with the best results every time.

Optimised 3D BIM Models for your project

Obtain a beneficial and reliable collaboration system through our 3D BIM Models. We help you elevate communication when planning the design of your building project, as well as optimise the performance of your building site through detailed 3D modelling.

3D Laser Scanning Services from Oxford Measured Survey

Trust our 3D Laser scanning and measured building survey company to provide you with exceptional deliverables every time, no matter the location and scale of your construction or architectural project. You request, and we deliver!


3D BIM Models today

Obtain your 3D BIM Revit Models today by contacting Oxford Measured Survey and their professional team! We deliver your required level of detail 3D models through the latest software.