Reliable 3D Point Cloud Data Service

3D Point Cloud

Capture reliable and detailed 3D Point Cloud through our 3D Laser scanning services and using high-quality technology and equipment. Utilise point cloud data to construct your as-built 2D plans and 3D BIM Models.

Why this service?

It is efficient

Our 3D Point cloud is guaranteed to provide efficient results from the measured survey of your building and site. The level of detail requested will provide excellent deliverables.

It is affordable

Our service offers leading and competitive rates which you can completely rely on. We offer high-quality results in an affordable manner.

It is complete

Our point cloud data captures the actual conditions of the building and other structures, providing a reliable and complete solutions for your project.

It is the foundation

Our 3D Point Cloud is the ideal base for highly accurate 2D Drawings and 3D Modelling, recording every detail with up to 1 million 3D points captures per second.

Process and Register surveyed scan using software

Oxford Measured Survey uses 3D Laser scanning software through registering measured building survey scans and creating a single point cloud file for the client to receive in their required format, or through Webshare Cloud.

Oxford Measured Survey ensuring successful projects

Our highly accurate as-built 2D Drawings are created through AutoCAD software from the 3D Point Cloud. 3D Point Cloud is the product of a measured survey, which is taken with extreme precision and focus for high-quality results.


3D Point Cloud Data

Request the level of detail and required format for your project, and we create a single point cloud file containing all information. Trust Oxford Measured Survey with your project today by contacting us now!