Here are the key benefits of as-built 2D drawings from measured surveys

Defining the significance of as-built 2D drawings

As-built 2D AutoCAD drawings are a set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project. As-built drawings show the building and its components as laid during construction process. The drawings enable project managers to review any changes made to the specifications and design during the construction process. The as-built drawings showcase the geometry, location and measurements of a completed work, alongside other elements critical for the management, maintenance, and future repairs or renovations. Our measured building surveys are followed up by efficient and accurate as-built 2D drawings produced from the collected 3D point cloud data. Receive your floor plans, internal and external elevations, roof plans, sections, site plans, and reflecting ceiling plans containing the required level of detail and chosen format. We have an experienced and professional team using the leading 3D laser scanning technology and software to reproduce your building or project.

Benefits of As-built 2D Drawings

  • Improves onboarding: As-built drawings enables the construction teams get quick access to the required information, allowing the work to be started even sooner.
  • Assists the facilities team: A complete record of change means improved operations and speed, as the facility teams meet issues faster. This will also help the project owners to save cost down the line.
  • Streamlines permitting process: Usually, you will be required to present sets of as-built drawings to the government agencies in order to be issued with building permits.
  • Improves the renovation process: A full history of the project changes presents the project owners with the exact details of the building. This reduces costs on learning about the existing changes.
  • Guaranteed accuracy and precision: As-built drawings are produced using the most advanced 3D laser scanning technology, with a precision of up to 1 million points per second.
  • New construction: Contractors will face many challenges when constructing a new building that existed only on paper, and will need to change their building plans in response. These as-built sketches document the changes as they occur during construction so that an accurate drawing exists when construction of the building is completed.
  • Maintenance: changes and modifications will be done over the life of a building. A construction team will be continually updating as-built drawings of a building to represent improvements made to the structure. This ensures availability of a correct drawing of the structure at all times.

Accurate and reliable collection of as-built drawings is crucial for both the clients and building owners. A detailed record of as-built drawings containing records of all installations helps homeowners in changing the building in the future, or troubleshooting problems.

Contractors depend on as-built drawings showcasing a detailed record of improvements made during the construction phase to visualise the next steps. The as-built drawings enable them easily identify complications caused by the changes made, and solve them before turning into bigger ones.

As-built drawings are crucial to potential land buyers as they form an important component of the final sale. The drawings are the basis for any changes made, providing an attestation to the land being sold and purchased.

How are As-built Drawings different from Blueprints?

Blueprints are a representation of the original design and the conditions of a building through manmade techniques, whereas as-built 2D drawings are created to log accurate data in the construction as soon they are made through measured building surveys. As-built AutoCAD 2D drawings shows detailed and precise measurements of a building with no risk of human error, a blueprint outlines how a project should be built and how it should appear.

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