What are the benefits of an underground survey?

What are the benefits of an underground survey?

Underground utility surveys help develop accurate and concise utility records that are critical for short and long-term cost implications. Underground utility surveys ensure safety and efficiency. Oxford Measured survey team explains the benefits of an underground survey for your project.

What is Underground Survey?

An Underground Survey uses geo-physical techniques to discover what lies under the specific area of ground and its utilities and elements. The survey utilises advanced laser scanning technology and equipment including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Locators (EML), to explore the underground. It, therefore, helps in project planning by unrevealing the layers, objects, and structures under the ground accurately and thoroughly.

Why Do We Need Underground Utility Surveys?

Before digging into the ground and commencing any site work, it is important to understand the layers, structure, objects, and utilities present. Inability to have this information leads to time and cost implications for the projects in case of any errors and accidental damage. It, therefore, necessitates a cost-effective solution to determining the nature of the ground and whatever is present beneath to prevent unpredicted occurrences. An underground survey serves as a reliable and efficient technique that can significantly help equip developers, builders, construction companies, and project managers with the necessary knowledge before starting the work in the fields.

Since utility surveying can only be conducted by expert surveyors who have profound knowledge, it is suggested to hire a trustworthy and experienced 3D laser scanning company that offers result-driven, fast and cost-effective surveying services. Hiring the right service provider is essential as the quality of the underground services provided may significantly influence the workflow, ensuring BSI PAS 128 standards.

The Key Benefits of an Underground Survey

Following are some of the major advantages of the underground survey:

  • Underground surveys are helpful in the construction design and planning stage. This is because they make sure that the builders and project manager have full information and knowledge about the utilities present under the ground. Hence, the design is just done once without doing any adjustments because of unexpected utilities within the underground.
  • Underground survey services provided by reliable surveyors optimise the connection of fresh site supplies as per the existing utilities and specify any chances of utility diversions during the planning process. It, therefore, reduces the potential challenges associated with multiple utilities on the ground, like industrial components, and electrical connections.
  • Increase the finishing ups of the project in general, ensuring that there will be no project delays.
  • Reduce overall risks that may appear in cases where builders wouldn’t know about existing obstructions underground, saving the overall project costs.
  • As mentioned before, underground surveys bring a reduction in risks. This also means increasing health, safety conditions, and a safe working environment.
  • An underground survey will exclude the need for underground inspection, which will save the expenses on the project.
  • Underground surveys also curtail the overall risks as the builders are already aware of where different types of objects and utilities are found underground. It assures workers’ health and enhances their safety as well as of the public. Health and safety are vital considerations before starting any kind of excavation process. Hence, by guaranteeing health and safety, the underground surveys help tackle the project’s critical aspects related to the well-being of the general public, workers, and builders as well as properties present in the surrounding environment.
  • As drawings will be provided digitally, it will be easier to get to information and data needed way faster, which means accurate results.
  • Underground surveys also avoid the need of having an invasive underground inspection. Many projects invest enough time and resources during the planning phase for the invasive inspections, which, as compared to the underground surveys, produce inadequate information. Conducting the underground survey, rather, saves time and cost that would have been experienced in this process.

The benefits of underground surveys are many provided you hire a quality surveying service provider. If you are interested in finding more about the world of 3D laser scanning surveying services, check out our services for accurate, reliable information. Contact our professional team today!


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