Drone Survey Services

Drone Survey & Roof Inspection

Our experienced surveyors provide you with simple solutions to best complete, manage and inspect your building project or land site. Our 3D Laser scanning company work with high-quality technology and equipment, including our aerial tools to complete a survey for your roof or plot of land.

Why is it useful?

Quick detection

If you want to resolve a problem for your roof, our drone and UAV technology will create an accessible option to find the problem and settle it.

Save time

Find cost-effective solutions and save manual labour time with simple solutions to access restricted and limited areas of land.

Flexible Formats

Our drone survey services provide formats which are flexible and varied. Request your required level of detail and format, so we deliver.

High Accuracy

Our UAV technology uses drone sensors and 3D Laser mapping to map out highly accurate and comprehensive information.

Trustworthy Drone surveys every time!

Receive reliable and trustworthy drone survey services where we use UAV equipment and photogrammetry software to create a full survey through 3D Point Cloud, Orthomosaic or 3D model file. Oxford Measured survey is her to provide you quality drone survey services.

What is guaranteed?

Drone surveying will permit you and your team to effortlessly plan your building project or land site construction, as well as analysing any hazards or problems which is restricted and harder to access. We will deliver detailed 2D AutoCAD drawings and 3D Models through the captured survey information.


Drone Surveying and confident results

Complete your aerial roof inspection and access limited areas of access through drone surveying and aerial mapping. Complete our online form today and request your drone survey service quote!