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Topographical Survey Services

Welcome to Oxford Measured Survey Company, the reliable firm for comprehensive topographical survey services. Our skill in conducting topographic surveys gives you specific information that is important for successful project planning and implementation. We are committed to providing accurate and detailed surveys that cover various types of projects such as construction, land development and environmental assessments.

What is a Topographic Survey?

A topographic survey is a detailed and precise measurement of the natural and man-made features of a land area. This survey usually includes the contours, elevations, and dimensions of the terrain. When planning or designing construction projects or land development, topographical surveys are very important.
This not only assists architects, engineers, and developers in understanding the terrain but also ensures their plans are feasible and well-informed. Topographic surveys are very useful in detecting potential challenges, this includes slopes, water bodies, and other terrain features that could potentially have a negative impact on the project. This survey will typically include a detailed map of the area, showing the locations of all the features surveyed

Topographical Survey by Oxford Measured Survey Company

A surveyor from Oxford Measured Survey Company conducting a precise topographical survey using advanced equipment

Topographical survey for environmental purposes

Our expert is using cutting-edge technology to deliver detailed topographic surveys, essential for accurate planning and efficient project execution. The utilisation of advanced equipment ensures precise mapping and measurement of land features

About Our Topographical Surveys Service

At Oxford Measured Survey we carry out topographical surveys in accordance with your project requirements. Our team of professionals uses up-to-date equipment and techniques to ensure the most accurate and effective results. We undertake multiple projects, including but not limited to building works, land subdivisions and physical planning. What makes us different from other surveying companies specialising in topographic surveys is our dedication to delivering nothing less than quality as well as accuracy.
We recognise that each job is exclusive; hence we modify our services according to your unique needs. If you are an investor in residential houses, commercial builder or environmentalist, our topographical surveying provides a dependable means of moving forward with certainty as it will provide you with reliable data.

Here is a detailed topographical survey plan by Oxford Measured Survey Company. These drawings showcase precise measurements and features of the land area, delivered to meet the highest standards of clarity and precision. Each drawing undergoes rigorous quality control checks to ensure accuracy and reliability

Deliverables of topographic land survey

Our topographical survey services offer a wide range of deliverables to suit different clients’ needs:

  • Topographical Plans: Detailed plans indicating contours, levels and physical conditions of the land that are essential to enable architects or engineers to design buildings away from the natural environment.
  • Topographic Maps: Comprehensive maps showing the site surveyed through visual representation only which provide stakeholders with ideas on how they can be able to plan as well as analyse it by understanding the relationships between its objects.
  • Digital Models: 3D models providing a more interactive and detailed view of the terrain. With our digital models you can go through all these.


Our topographic survey process involves several key steps, each designed to ensure accuracy and reliability

  • Initial Consultation
    Understanding your project’s requirements and objectives.
  • Site Survey
    Conducting a thorough on-site survey using advanced topographic map surveying techniques and equipment. Our professionals use advanced technology to capture precise measurements of the land’s features.
  • Data Processing
    Analysing and processing the collected data to create accurate topographical plans and maps. Our team uses advanced software to convert raw data into detailed and usable formats.
  • Delivery
    Providing you with detailed and precise deliverables tailored to your needs. We make it a priority that all our deliverables meet the highest standards of accuracy and clarity for all our customer.
Topographical surveyor using GPS equipment

A topographical surveyor is using GPS equipment to conduct a precise survey of a residential area. The advanced technology ensures accurate mapping and measurement of the land features

How Much is a Topographical Survey?

The cost of a topographic survey usually varies depending on several factors including the size and complexity of the site, as well as the specific requirements of the project. For instance, larger sites with more complex features may need additional time and resources for accurate surveying, which therefore means the overall cost for this would be high. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of a topographic survey for your project, please contact us to discuss your needs. We provide competitive pricing and detailed quotes tailored to your specific requirements.


Our topographic survey services have many advantages that can greatly improve the success of your project.

Reliable Information

The use of high precision measurements ensures that you have reliable information in your projects which mitigates against errors and rework risks.

Knowledgeable Decisions

Well-informed decisions are supported during planning and design stages through detailed topographical data.

Cost Effectiveness

The importance of understanding the terrain is to identify potential problems early enough so as to minimise unforeseen expenditures. Accurate surveys during construction will prevent costly errors and delays.

Better Planning

Thorough surveys help plan for projects well in advance. Effective plans can be made with more detailed knowledge of the topology of an area.

Case studies

Measured Survey Examples

For examples of our work and to see the quality and detail we bring to every project, please visit our Case Studies page. Here you’ll find case studies showcasing our measured surveys across various sectors and project sizes.

Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

I was so lucky to get in touch with the Oxford Measured Survey! Received a quote the same day and by the end of the following week my topographical survey was complete. Many thanks to all team members for a quick response and professionalism during the survey!
Zack Robinson
Zack Robinson
Recently I moved from London to Oxford; I requested a measured building survey at Oxford measured survey for my house. As a result, I received great drawings. During the process, team members kept on consulting me and answered every single question that appeared in my head. Willing to work with them in future.
George Haldry
George Haldry
We’ve worked with this company on several occasions over the past few months and they are now our top main contact for measured surveys. Fantastic service!
Chris Villan
Chris Villan
I am very satisfied with the job this guys completed on site of our warehouse project. Oxford Measured Survey are very responsive and always happy to answer any kind of questions even during the scanning process. Polite, accurate and professional! Thank you for your work!
Fabrie Harris
Fabrie Harris
Our construction company had a heritage project. We requested a restoration survey. As a result, we have received clear 2D drawings and 3D models of the property on time and at a competitive price. Highly recommended.
Grady Walker
Grady Walker


Ready to elevate your project with precise and reliable topographical data? Contact Oxford Measured Survey Company today to discuss your specific needs and receive a tailored quote. Our professional team of topographical surveyors is dedicated to providing high-quality survey services that support your project’s success from start to finish. Don’t leave your project to chance—ensure precise planning and execution with our detailed topographical surveys. Get in touch now to learn more and start your project on the right foot!