As-built 2D Drawings

As-built 2D Drawings

Our site survey is followed up with the production of the most accurate as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings with the reference of our 3D Point cloud. Receive your floor plans, elevations and cross-sections with the required level of detail and chosen format for tangible data.

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Solid Information

Rely on Oxford Measured Survey to provide you with concrete and definitive as-built plans to use and distribute with your team.

High-level of detail

Receive your as-built 2D Drawings with precise and detailed measurements, including all the data from your measured building survey tangibly translated.

Efficient & Prompt

We make it easy to get your project ongoing and completed through our efficient and swift booking process. You tell us what is required and we deliver.

Simple Tracking

Track all stages of your project and find progression through our comprehensive and highly accurate measured survey and as-built plans.

Measured As-built 2D Drawings at your service

Our experienced and professional team work with leading 3D Laser Scanning equipment and software to translate and reproduce the true state of your building and project. Find planning and completing your project more comfortable than ever through 3D Laser scanning services.

Oxford Measured Survey delivers every time!

Our credible equipment and software will produce as-built 2D drawings with the finest detail and measurements to avoid and minimise the risk of future errors when it comes to the construction of your project. We deliver nothing less than precision and accuracy.


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Book your measured building survey to capture accurate information and allow the production of your as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings to be simple and straightforward to distribute to your construction team.