Measured Building Survey & Laser Scanning Prices

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Measured Building Survey & Laser Scanning Prices

We offer measured building survey services and deliverables to provide the best solutions for your building architectural and construction project. Explore our 3D Laser scanning packages including measured surveys, as-built 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Models, with the required level of detail and format.

Our efficient 3D Point cloud service provides you with detailed and meticulous information from our measured building surveying. Select from greyscale or RGB colour as we process and register your scan using FARO Scene software, converting into single point cloud file.

Our as-built 2D drawings will provide you with floor plans, roof plans, attic plans, internal and external elevations and cross-sections to the required level of detail you desire. We utilize the latest software such as AutoCAD to produce your plans, using point cloud data as the ideal base for maximum efficiency.

Our reliable 3D BIM Models allow you to create better experiences and collaborations to progress and track your building or site project. Oxford Measured Surveys uses the latest technology and software to deliver the utmost high-quality deliverables, giving you the confidence to complete your project.

Why choose Oxford Measured Survey?

  • Our friendly and skilful team are proficient with years of experience to deliver a range of 3D Laser scanning services and reliable measured building surveys.
  • All services provided by Oxford Measured Survey are delivered with the highest of quality and diligence, ensuring you are always satisfied with the service and products.
  • Our prices are unbeatable in Oxford. We offer cost-effective services with pristine quality deliverables no matter the intricacy and scale.
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