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Location: Lake Street, Oxford

About project

Oxford Measured Survey delivers a complete measured building survey and topographical survey of all areas of the property, site and including the detached garage to produce accurate as-built 2D drawings.

Deliverables (DWG + PDF)

Delivering the full specification as requested by the client with the required formats and level of detail:

  • 1:100 2D Topo (including the lifting of the
    covers, photos, and invert levels) – red area
  • 1:50 Floor Plans (Basement, Ground, First)
  • 1:50 Roof Plan
  • 1:50 Elevations x 4
  • 1:50 Sections (minimum of 4, as per

With the use of 3D laser scanning technology, our surveyors were able to survey the partially demolished house, where only the hard floor surfaces remain for the outlined area. Due to the circumstances of the property, our professional measured surveyors proceeded with the scanning in a secure and efficient manner to preserve the conditions of the building project. The full set of as-built 2D drawings were delivered in DWG format and Adobe PDF for the project team to use and coordinate.


Our measured survey company use the latest laser scanning equipment to deliver accurate surveying services across Oxford. No matter the size, complexity and conditions of the building or site, we work with a range of equipment to fulfil your requirements and project specification.

Our measured building surveyors utilise latest 3D laser scanners, being the ideal and accurate tool to capture the data and information efficiently of the existing structure. 3D laser scanners capture speed of 1,000,000 points per second, producing reliable point cloud data to produce as-built 2D drawings.

For topographical surveys, our surveying professionals use advanced topographical equipment such as GPS, total stations, 3D laser scanners, or even drone technology according to the conditions and restrictions of the site project.


Our professional CAD technicians use the reliable reference of the 3D point cloud data and deliver, floor plans, elevations, sections, topo plans, roof plans and more. Using AutoCAD software, we provide 2D drawings that are accurate and precise, minimising the risk of future errors wen proceeding with the design or construction of your project.

Track all stages and lifecycle of your building project through high-quality as-built 2D plans, through reliable measured building surveys and topographical survey services.

Oxford measured survey company specialises in measured building surveys, topographical surveys, and laser scanning surveys, and delivers projects of different scales and complexity. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.