09 Jun
underground survey
What are the benefits of an underground survey?
Category: 3D LASER SCANNING, Services, Technol...
Underground utility surveys help develop accurate and concise utility records that are critical for short and long-term cost implications.
06 Sep
Why 3D Point Cloud is the Ideal Base for Building Documentation
Category: 3D LASER SCANNING, AR, Trends, VR
The advancement of technology like laser scanning widens the accessibility of 3D measurement systems.
24 Aug
How 3D Laser Scanning is changing the Forensics Department
Category: 3D LASER SCANNING, Construction
Forensics experts and investigators are crucial members of the criminal justice system to examine and analyse collected data from the crime scene.
15 Jun
Why Should VR And AR Be Implemented In Construction Building Projects?
Category: 3D LASER SCANNING, Augmented Reality...
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been used in the entertainment and gaming industry for some time now.
21 Apr
Tower buildings in birds view
Construction & Technology: A Successful Combination
Category: BIM, Construction, Drone Survey, Tec...
The addition of technology has enabled the construction industry to take up more challenging projects more than ever.
02 Feb
Things You Need to Know About 3D Laser Scanning Technology
Have you ever been given the advice to hire Oxford measured survey for your construction project?