Construction & Technology: A Successful Combination

Construction & Technology: A Successful Combination

The addition of technology has enabled the construction industry to take up more challenging projects more than ever. In fact, construction organisations nowadays rely on technology to become more efficient and productive.

Indeed, there are practical applications and benefits in modernising the current construction processes. Thus, if you want to keep your competitive edge without being left behind, you have to look for ways to integrate into your strategies and workflows.

Construction technology trends

The following are cutting-edge technologies that impact the construction industry nowadays.

  • 3D printing

The construction technology can take advantage of 3D printing to change the material sourcing. This can enable the prefabrication stage to print the materials and to transport to the job site to be readily used.

The use of 3D printing has also allowed other players in the market to take advantage of its accuracy and efficiency. In measured building survey, professionals are able to capitalise in Oxford 3D laser scanning services to provide more realistic outputs and design perspectives.

  • Artificial intelligence

The use of robotics is also another way for the construction industry to benefit from technology. Tasks such as autonomous equipment and bricklaying are operated and completed without any human interaction.

Thus, they are able to increase safety, improve workflow, and get jobs done better and faster. Moreover, these robots are able to replicate actions, decisions, and judgments of people without having to get fatigued.

  • Building information modelling

This technology not only provides a 3D design model of your building. This is due to the fact that it can also create many layers of metadata and can render them within a collaborative workflow.

This can also offer better collaboration as each person and expertise area can be added to the same model without breaking into multiple versions of a 2D paper drawing.

Therefore, the model will evolve immediately the moment people contribute, as it streamlines the process and increases efficiency.

  • Drones

Among the emerging construction technologies, drones are the most widely used. Arguably, they can conduct site surveys a lot quicker and more accurately than any crew on the ground. Moreover, they are also cheaper compared to aerial imaging. You can have a closer look at our drone survey service here.

  • Mobile technology

Mobile technology is also becoming the norm in construction because it allows greater communication and ability to work from any location. Basically, it can be a time-saver and able to keep your project moving forward a lot faster as it provides real-time updates, making information readily available between the office and the job site.

  • Virtual reality and wearables

The use of virtual reality technology is often done in conjunction with building information modelling so that complex projects are better understood. In other words, it enables your client or your team to have a realistic idea of what the project will look like when completed.

Revolution of construction technology

Traditional survey methods combined with the latest technology have indeed revolutionised the construction industry. The Oxford measured survey service has enabled the construction industry to provide accurate and highly detailed information about existing buildings or structures via advanced Oxford 3D laser scanning services.

The development of a measured building survey company has given way for traditional measured building survey to take advantage of the latest technology the way a 3D laser scanning Oxford company is able to provide.

Surveyors of a measured building survey company can do the job by using laser scanners to produce accurate details of your building in 3D. This technology will definitely provide confidence that you will have all the information you need to achieve the requirements of your project.

Impact of the technological revolution

Perhaps a lot can be said about the impact of the technological revolution, but one thing is certain. Technology has indeed made the lives of people a lot easier. Of course, there are challenges facing humanity as artificial intelligence has become a threat to the employability of professionals in the construction industry.

But people are still what drive the industry towards a better future with the aid of promising technologies. That said, technology still needs people to operate at an optimal level.

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