Things You Need to Know About 3D Laser Scanning Technology

Things You Need to Know About 3D Laser Scanning Technology

Have you ever been given the advice to hire Oxford measured survey for your construction project? Whether you’re an architect, designer or contractor, you’ve probably heard the buzz about measured building survey, especially with the use of a 3D laser scan.

In fact, 3D laser scanning is now at the forefront of all technological advancements in construction, engineering and even manufacturing, and it’s all because of how it revolutionizes workflows. But what exactly is 3D laser scanning service and what are its benefits?

What is 3D laser scanning?

3D laser scanning is the process of measuring and collecting data from buildings, surfaces and objects that are then represented in the form of a 3D point cloud containing millions of XYZ coordinates.

What is 3D laser scanning?

It’s not uncommon for a company to hire Oxford 3D laser scanning services because the resulting data can be used to:

  • Create accurate 3D BIM models of buildings, vehicles and other structures
  • Create as built 2D AutoCAD drawings to help with post construction maintenance and renovations
  • Spatial scanning and mapping buildings from the inside out
  • Creating urban topography to better understand layouts, geography and forms that are essential in planning developments and creating towns
  • Ease in surveying roads and analysing traffic construction

What are the benefits of 3D laser scanning?

There’s good reason hiring a 3D laser scanning Oxford company is now imperative in construction, engineering and even manufacturing, and it’s because of these benefits:

  • It helps building owners see a clearer picture of their structures.

Although the government doesn’t require as built 2D plans after a construction project is done, most clients still demand it because it allows them to see a more accurate perspective of their existing structure.

A point cloud survey offers a high-resolution data of a structure where everything is laid out, from exteriors to beams. This data doesn’t only help evaluate a building’s integrity but it also allows for easy diagnosis of structural issues while reducing the risks involved in daily on-site operations.

  • It lessens the time spent on-site.

Traditional measuring methods have always taken a long time and they require tedious work from surveyors.

But 3D laser scanning Oxford practices cut on-site time significantly because data can be captured within just a matter of minutes and even without sending a lot of people to hazardous and heard-to-reach areas on site.

  • It results in a concise representation of a structure.

Efficient measured building survey service is translated into as built 2D plans through a point cloud survey. This offers a concise representation of a structure including its angles, dimensions, shapes and forms.

You can even go as detailed as checking the wirings and exposing beams and columns. This technology is unparalleled today because it’s the only tool that can produce such accurate drawings for contractors, architects and designers to evaluate and refer to.

  • It offers accessibility and improved ROI.

Everything in construction and engineering is an investment, which is why accuracy needs to be ensured every time. A measured building survey company can produce relevant information that can be used to maintain quality assurance within the workspace and avoid any risks that could be detrimental to a business’ ROI.

  • It protects workers from a lot of risks.

It’s no secret that work sites are some of the most hazardous places for workers. In fact, thousands of workers get injured or even die due to accidents on-site.

With 3D laser scanning service, these health and safety risks can be reduced significantly because teams don’t need to expose themselves to risks just because they need to obtain important data.

3D laser scanning is definitely a worthwhile investment, whether you’re in engineering, design, construction or manufacturing.

The technology involved in 3D laser scanning Oxford practices is redefining the industry in so many ways, and we can only look forward to more advancements in the near future.

Now, if you’re looking to explore the benefits of working with a 3D laser scanning Oxford company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more about our services, our prices and of course, our long list of satisfied clients.


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